Founders of original

Joseph D. Cogliano
Frank C. Cogliano
Rose A. Cogliano
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World war ll had come and gone, but its effects  had
changed the landscape of our country forever. As our
servicemen came home, their American dream went
into in full swing.

A loaf of bread was 14 cents, a gallon of milk, 84
cents. With the average annual salary at $3600, new
cars for $1650, and houses for $14,500, were
popping up everywhere.

Around this time, two brothers, Joseph and Frank
Cogliano, along with their mother, Rose, opened a
nursery within view of “Big Blue Hill.”

Blueview Nurseries was born.

The young nursery flourished as the housing boom
within the 128 belt grew in leaps and bounds. With
this growth came the need for infrastructure, and the
state came knocking. By 1956, the Nursery was
forced to move, and in its place to this day is the
cloverleaf for route 128 and 138.

Joseph, Frank and Rose didn’t move the nursery far
though. They purchased a piece of wooded land on
the corner of Royall Street and Route 128 in Canton.
For many years, this site was home to some of the
finest specimen trees and shrubs available in the

Eventually, this location also succumbed to the
pressures of development.

In 1996, Blueview Nurseries moved to its present
location in Norton, MA.

Blueview Nurseries is less than two miles from the I-
495, exit 9 interchange. From this spacious, 35 acre
parcel,  they offer the same quality plants and service
Blueview Nurseries always has, but with a much
larger selection of stock, quantities and sizes due to
the added acreage.

Blueview Nurseries goal is to continue to offer their
customers the most consistent quality and service for
their landscaping needs.

From all of us at Blueview Nurseries, our sincerest
thanks. We look forward to serving you soon.
Blueview Nurseries
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