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Blueview Nurseries
Virtual Nursery Tour
Welcome to the virtual tour of  Blueview Nurseries. To the left is one of our
handy Club Cars which shuttles our customers around the Nursery with the
help of one of our knowledgeable plant specialists. We can quickly help you
find plants suitable for your needs. For smaller material, we simply load up
the Club Car and bring your plants to your vehicle and load them. For larger
material, we'll radio a staffer to bring your material to your vehicle by
Skidsteer, or arrange for delivery.
Here at Blueview Nurseries, we want your experience to
be one that you'll happily share with others. If we don't
meet or exceed your expectations please,
contact us.

Now take a look around and get acquainted with us!
To the right is a bird's eye
view of our specimen
topiary. We carry topiary
in many different
evegreen varieties,
shape, size and budgets.
Immediately behind the
topiary are hundreds of
Japanese maples in many
varieties. We can help
you select a tree to fit
your needs or browse
until your hearts content.
As we go further in, you'll
find flowering and shade
trees of many varieties,
offering four season

To the left and right,
immerse yourself in
dozens of different plants,
all showing their beauty
and utility in the
landscape. We are always
nearby to help you with
any questions you may
have, and of course, to
help you bring your new
plants to your vehicle or
arrange delivery.
The further down the
path you go, the
larger, and more
looking the nursery
stock becomes.
Soon you realize the
area you're leaving,
was just the
beginning of the
This concludes our virtual tour. We have seen a wide selection
of material but we can't take the cart to our really big trees.
When you come in, we'll be happy to show them to you. For
directions to our Nursery,
click  or call us at (508) 230-2139.
As you make your
way down the
center path on foot,
or in a motorized
cart, our attentive
staff will help you
with your plant
selection. For
those who prefer
self-service, we
have wagons for
you to use to cart
your selections.
Our checkout area
is located in the
white house near
the front entrance.