Blueview Nurseries has roses! We have roses for climbing, cutting, covering, and everything in between.
Take a look at the sample photos below which represent the seven different types of roses we stock.
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Scarlet, Flower Carpet Rose
Flower Carpet® Rose:
A name registered to Monrovia.
A top quality rose for high
color from spring till frost.
Spreading dense habit, prefers full sun.
Growth to about 3’x 4.'
Whisper, Floribunda Rose
Known for its large clusters of medium sized
blooms that cover the bush all season long.

Hardy and easy to care for.   
Grows to about 3.'
French Perfume, Hybrid Tea

Hybrid Tea
Easily recognized for the single, sculptural, high-centered bloom per long stem.
Can reach up to 5’.
Dawn Climbing Rose
Actually a shrub with long arching stems.
These roses can grow 6-20’
on walls, trellises and along fences.
Fragrant Plum, Grandiflora Rose
Similar to  hybrid teas, but identified by their unique ability to send up clusters
of hybrid tea–type
blossoms on strong, straight stems.
Can grow 6-7.'

KnockOut Landscape Rose
A vigorous, disease resistant grower.
Grows  3-4’ tall.  Can spread 8.'
Essex Ground Cover Rose
Ground Cover
Similar to the Landscape rose in habit and vigor.
Long lasting flowers on strong arching stems.
Grows to 2’ x 6.'