We offer delivery of our material for a fee. The fee is based on the distance from our farm or (point of origin of
material)  to the final destination or destinations, size, type, quantity and the number of vehicles needed
equipment to unload. Deliveries are tailgate only. Customers are expected to supply proper personnel and
equipment to unload. All deliveries are pre-paid unless prior arrangements have been made.
If you are working with a landscaper, you MUST be accompanied by your landscaper. If you are not
accompanied by your landscaper while tagging material, RETAIL prices will apply.
Retail Customers
Current Prices
All plant material has current prices listed on signage, and cancels all previous prices. In the event of unpriced
material, please consult with one of are salespeople to assist.
Orders my be presented to us in person, by phone, fax, mail, or email. All orders are subject to the approval of
management. Approved orders not claimed within 10 days of specified date will be considered cancelled. We
assume no responsibility for non-completion of an order.
We accept cash, check or charge cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Applicable sales
tax will be charged unless the customer has provided us with a completed tax exemption certificate.
We require a deposit prior to tagging a large order.
Material dug to order will require a 50% non-refundable deposit. We reserve the right to refuse to dig material
if we feel that the season or weather conditions my be detrimental to the plant.
Plant Count
Our warranty states that plants are true to variety and in good condition at the time of pick-up or delivery.
Acceptance of the material implies the buyer agrees that the stock is healthy. We offer no additional
guarantee and accept no responsibility for plant damage or loss resulting from improper care or handling
received after leaving the nursery. All sales are final.
Any discrepancy in plant count or any damage during transit must be noted on the slip at time of delivery. Any
discrepancies with orders picked up in our yard must be reported within 24 hours. No claims will be considered
for past due accounts and any liability is limited to the original price of the stock.
We urge customers to pick up their order before 4:00pm. We recommend that all customers furnish tarpaulins
or other suitable covering to protect plants during transport. Large orders may require advanced notification
to ensure proper handling of material and to minimize waiting time. Customers should expect to pay for orders
at the time of pick-up. If an outside transportation company is hired to transport the material on behalf of our
customer, all material becomes property of the purchaser upon loading of the truck. We assume no
responsibility for loss, damage, or delay caused by or during damage.
Blueview Nurseries
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